2020/2021 Season Contract


Welcome to the United All-Stars Cheer and Dance Electronic Registration platform! The process is simple for both new and returning members.

We look forward to having you join the United All-Stars Cheer and Dance and are excited for another great season!


Cheer and Dance 2019-2020

Welcome to United All-Stars Cheer and Dance, we so excited about being here in Crocker, MO!

Welcome to United All-Stars Cheer and Dance. UAC is quickly becoming one of the Top Competitive Cheerleading programs in the Pulaski County area. Our Primary goals are to promote athleticism, community service and competitiveness amongst our cheerleaders and dancers. Our program teaches athletes the importance of sportsmanship, camaraderie, goal setting, motivation and most importantly teamwork.

We take pride in our ability to focus special attention on each individual. We strongly believe that our success originates from the dedication and commitment of our athletes, parents and staff. ?FAMILY? is everything at UAC. We believe in creating life-long bonds and friendships both on and off the competition floor.

We offer teams for all cheerleaders and skill levels and are home to many incredible athletes and their families. We invite you to become part of our UAC family.

United All-Stars has a fully trained staff and is a member in good standing with the United States All Star Federation and The Global Cheer and Dance League.



Tammy Kinchen (owner/coach) Hello Parents my name is Tammy Willis Kinchen (My grandkids call me Mimi) I was born and raised in a small town in FL. I moved here June of 2011 from Florida where I owned, directed and coached Universe All-star Cheer and Dance a competitive cheerleading gym.  I was a single Mom raising 2 girls, Paige and Cassie, and like every parent you want to be able to give your child the chance to experience the things in life that makes them happy and helps them grow into wonderful men and women. Therefore, I have been coaching cheerleading and tumbling for over 30 years. I am a member of USASF and NCSSE (National Council for Spirit Safety and Education Certified) and The Global Cheer and Dance League. I love doing this very important job.

Mindi (Coach) Mindi has come to us with a high school cheer background and she is beyond excited to help your kiddos grow as athletes! This is her second year as a competitive cheer coach; She is eager to learn and grow with our family! Her daughter Khloe is beginning her third year and her daughter Yasmina is in her second year with UAC and we couldn?t be more excited to have them be a part of this team! A little bit about her, she has lived here in Crocker her entire life. She has recently become a military spouse. She is a proud momma of 3. She has been a cosmetologist for 6 years in a locally owned family salon and a Micro blading artist for a year! My family loves to be outside and active.

Freddy McDaniel Is returning to us after PCSing about 1 year or so ago. He has spent most of his Army Career here at Fort Leonard Wood, so this has become his home. He is now out of the army and is excited to move back here where his heart and home has become. His is the Proud Father of a beautiful Daughter and a handsome Son. His Cheerleading Accomplishments: All Conference 2008 Cheerleading 2005-06, 06-07, 07-08, 08-09. ACCA Regional Jr. High CO-ED 1st Place 2006. ACCA Grand Championships Jr. High CO-ED Grand Championship 2006. ACCA Grand Championship SR High CO-ED 2nd Place 2006. UCA Cheer Camp Jr High Leadership Award 2005. ACCA Regionals Sr. High CO-ED 1st Place 2007,08. ACCA Grand Championship SR High CO-ED 3rd Place 2008. ACCA Northwest Arkansas Cheer Classic 2nd Place. UCA Cheer Camp Sr. High Leadership Award 2008.

We bring more experience from more states than any other gym around. We look forward to growing with our new family here at United All-Stars Cheer and Dance in Missouri.

All classes/practices run year-round.

(All classes/practices are mandatory unless otherwise excused from the coach/instructor.)

Fee?s are due on the first of the month. (There are multi child and multi class discount of $5 off)



Tumbling Class:

Ages 3 and up.  -  Beginner thru Elite levels (USASF 1-5 levels). 1 hour once per week. You will learn a progression of rolls, hand stands, cart wheels, round offs, back walk overs, front walk overs, back handspring, tucks, lay outs etc.

Competitive Cheerleading Teams (United All-Star Cheer):

 Practices are as listed, as competition season approaches extra practices will be scheduled and will be mandatory (so turn in your excuse forms ASAP, this class will learn a routine which they will perform at Competitions and events.)


Regulation Team ages: (Dependent on how many athletes we have) (Subject to change)

Tiny: 3 - 6 yrs


Practices 1 hour and 15 min twice per week.

Mini: 8 yrs and under


Practices 1 hr and 45 min twice per week

Youth: 11 yrs and under


Practices 2 hours Twice per week

Junior: 14 yrs and under


Practices 2 hrs twice per week

Senior: 19 and under


Practices 2 hrs twice per week

$65.00/mo per child (other fees apply) Junior and Senior Team

$55.00/mo per child (other fees apply) Youth Team

$50.00/mo per child (other fees apply) Mini Team

$40.00/mo per child (other fees apply) Tiny Team

$35.00/mo per child (other fees may apply) Itty Bitty Team ($35 annual Registration)


Cheerleading other fees:

Practice Clothes,

Shoes & hair bow

Monthly competition fees (will be released once competitions are decided)                                                        

Any balances left after fundraising will be the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian.


Please sign up online for payment arrangements.


Registration:  Annual non-refundable registration fee of $55 per student (for cheer), $35 per student for Itty Bitty?s is due at the time of enrollment with Mimi?s Corner, LLC. A complete and properly filled-out medical release form and registration form online and must be on file before a student is allowed to participate in any classes/practices.

Private Classes: Payment for private lessons must be paid at time of scheduling the lesson. No makeup lessons available if missed by the student. No refunds. A student can reschedule the lesson as long as it is done 3 days prior to the already schedule time if scheduling permits. 1 hour private $25 (any age) -ONE ATHLETE, 1 hour private $20/each (any age) -TWO ATHLETES (members only, with paid registration fee).

Make checks payable to the Instructor.

***Any private that has been agreed upon with the instructor and you are a no show or canceled within 3 hours of the private will result in full payment of that private hour.  If you don?t come you still have to pay***